Learn to Swim Victoria offers further development of your child’s newly acquired swimming skills through our stroke development classes, Autonomy and Nippers. These levels aim to develop competition skills, fitness concepts, stroke technique and provide a more structured program.



This is one of the more challenging swimming levels offered at Learn to Swim Victoria. This class runs for 50 minutes and is aimed to provide proper stroke correction, techniques and other appropriate skills for the opportunity to excel in competitive swimming. To reach this level, swimmers must be able to swim 200m Freestyle and be able to competently perform Backstroke and Breaststroke.



The Nippers squad aims to give swimmers an opportunity to sample training programs, without the commitment of joining a swimming club. Emphasis is on strokes, building kicking strength and learning routines and drills. In addition, tuition in race techniques, relay changeovers and the rules of competitive swimming.

Students must be able to proficiently swim 200m of Freestyle, Backstroke and Breaststroke and a short distance of Butterfly.

Nippers squad members must attend two sessions a week.



Fit2Swim is a non-competitive aquatic program to improve fitness, overall well-being and develop stroke technique in a social environment. It can be a great opportunity to assist those students involved in water-polo, or other aquatic sports and enhance their swimming ability/fitness.

This squad provides an alternative for young people to further develop their swimming skills with an emphasis on participation, social interaction and fun without the demands of competitive swimming.


Swimmers that come through Learn To Swim Victoria often want to pursue the competitive field of swimming. These swimmers progress through to our competitive swimming club – Ivanhoe Neons. The Ivanhoe Neons Swimming Club was founded in June 1994. Today the club continues to thrive at its home base, the Ivanhoe Grammar School Pool. Ivanhoe Neons have become increasingly successful over the past decade. Many of our swimmers qualify for Open and Age Nationals which clearly highlights the competitive and successful focus of our club. For more information, please visit