Our Baby Water Awareness classes provide you with a happy and relaxed introduction to swimming, whilst at the same time teaching your child routines for survival and the methods involved to enable the baby to swim independently. Learn how these early years swimming can teach your child to be safe in the water and also help them to achieve learning milestones sooner.

Our Baby Program caters to infants aged from 3 months through to 2 and a half years old, where our instructors give guidance and instruction on ways to hold your baby whilst in the water and go through activities that will facilitate your babies learning process.

Learn to Swim Victoria’s classes have a variety of set routines to encourage and give confidence to babies. Breath control, survival skills, reflex action and floating drills are the focus of this class, teaching your babies extremely important life saving skills. The atmosphere is both fun and stimulating and designed to give babies lots of opportunities to experiment with and enjoy their surroundings.

For this program, we offer classes during our morning sessions Monday through to Sunday. These classes run for 30 minutes, with a maximum of 8 in a class. Please note: A parent/carer is required in the water with Baby.


  • Safe entry and exit from the pool
  • Routines for survival (i.e. floating on front and back)
  • Propulsion through the water with the ability to recover for air
  • Confidence in submerging and moving under water
  • Breath Control
  • Improved behavioural patterns like sleeping and eating
  • Increased physical strength and coordination
  • Awareness of social skills and behaviour
  • Self-confidence and independence
  • Increased bond with parent/carer
  • Enhanced concentration and alertness

Comfort is an important aspect of learning, so all of our classes are held in our private, 25 meter, magna pool. The water temperature is a warm 33˚C year round, which makes it ideal for swimming lessons.


  • Waterproof toy for your baby to play with
  • A swimming nappy
  • Comfortable swimsuit
  • Bathers for the parent/carer to get into the water
  • Warm clothing for the baby to change into after the lesson
  • An extra feed
  • A happy relaxed attitude