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September 2021 An In-depth Chat with the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics GM Adam Pine

ICYMI, Swimming Australia’s Paralympic General Manager Adam Pine joined Joanne Love on Monday night for some insight into the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games and his experience with the Australian Dolphins Swim Team 🐬

Watch the replay here.

August 2021 And......That's a wrap.

Behind every athlete is a dedicated and committed coach. And this week Joanne was extremely honoured to engage with those successful Tokyo Olympic Coaches following the games.
Firstly, with Swimming Australia Head Coach Rohan Taylor, who shared some incredible insights from Tokyo. Followed later in the week when Joanne had the opportunity to delve deeper with a Panel of successful Olympic Coaches. They openly shared their stories, learnings, and experience to assist our promising Australian and International Coaches listening in.

July 2021 Learn to Swim Victoria Director Joanne Love shared her knowledge and information with Julie Sheldrake resulting in an interview on Channel Ten to highlight the dire state of the Learn to Swim schools Australia wide.

The lockdowns have caused an alarming situation, with some children being away from swim lessons for the last 18 months. We have witnessed a 300% increase in drownings from July to September 2020. Alarmingly this trend has continued with a 600% drowning increase in the last 12 months. Please see the link below for the press release and interview.

Watch the video here | Sign the petition here

June 2021 Learn to Swim Victoria enacts Lockdown Bonus initiative in response to Victoria's 4.0 Circuit Breaker Lockdown to help its employees

How do we support our greatest asset - our employees? The current lockdown measures make it hard for workers all over Australia to make a consistent, liveable income. Learn to Swim Victoria, in line with its core values of leadership, puts forward a Lockdown Bonus for its hardworking swim coaches and other employees.

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June 2021 LTSV director Joanne Love pushes forward to create more opportunities for swimming organisations around the world in an interview with Australian Leisure Management Magazine

April 2021 Joanne Love, President of the Australian Swim Coaches and Teachers Association is on the Gold Coast for The Australian Age National Championships

As the new president of the Australian Swim Coaches and Teachers Association (ASCTA), Joanne Love comes to the Gold Coast for the Australian Age National Championships, as well as to check out the venue for the upcoming September Conference. Click here to watch the full video

January 2021 LTSV on Preventing Drowning Cases in Australia Through Swim Classes

Increased drowning cases in Australia have led Tom Elliot of 3AW News Talk to ask, “What has changed? When I was young, I didn’t know anybody who couldn’t swim." Joanne Love comes on the radio talk to discuss how there are more children nowadays who don't know how to swim or hold themselves afloat in water, and the various factors that cause less people knowing about this vital life skill. Click here to listen to the episode snippet

August 2020 Swimming and COVID-19

Swimming Pools and their operations are often a misunderstood environment. Through lack of knowledge and, incorrect assumptions, decisions are being made that severely and negatively impact a highly regulated industry. Joanne has been instrumental in providing academic based recommendations about post Covid-19 policies in the industry, including for Swimming Victoria. You can read her article "Exploring the Relationship Between Swimming Pools and COVID-19" here: https://tinyurl.com/yyqbunmv

November 2020 Herald Sun

Children missing swimming lessons and a shortage of instructors has heightened fears of arising death toll in Victoria, not just this summer but for years to come. Learning to Swim is a lifesaving skill that every children should know. Click here to read more

November 2020 SwimSafer

Learn to Swim Victoria Director, Joanne Love is the SwimSAFER Ambassador in Metro Victoria, so stay tuned for great initatives and information over the next week as we spread the vital message in learning to swim to the wider community and industry.

October 2020 ARV Emerging Leader Nominee

Congratulations to Eric Du - Learn to Swim Victoria General Manager, who was one of the four finalists in the running for the Aquatics and Recreation Victoria Emerging Leader Award. He may not have been a winner today, but he is always a winner at Learn to Swim Victoria. Well Done Eric on being a finalist.

October 2020 International

Swimming Conference

Joanne presented at one of the largest online events in swimming, water activities and water management in the world. Her topic provided valuable information on how psychology and neuroscience are strong allies in the development of the individual and the athlete

September 2020 - We all Swim Together

Aussie swim stars Michael Klim and Andrew Lauterstein join“We All Swim Together” campaign to urge Victoria to re-open its pools. Along with Swimming Australia’s head coach Rohan Taylor, Learn To Swim Victoria Director Joanne Love and Swimming Victoria CEO Jason Hellwig encourage the re-opening of Victorian pools.

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September 2020 - Swimming World Magazine

Lawrence and the Director of Learn To Swim Victoria, Joanne Love are afraid that if pools throughout the pandemic stricken State (and not just in regional Victoria) are not given the green light to re-open it will put kids lives at risk.

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July 30 2020 Ticker TV

Ticker TV is an independent broadcasting network with content focusing on news, business, tech and entertainment. Joanne joined David Davutovic at Ticker TV to discuss the Japan Olympics, the impact of Covid-19 on the Swimming industry and the role Government needs to play in supporting the swimming industry.
Watch here:

July 10 2020 Touchpad Newsletter Swimming VIC
In this difficult time, we need to bolster swimmers so that the focus is not just on their physical health, but their mental health. As coaches and parents, we have a huge part to play in shaping this aspect of their lives. In Swimming Victoria's Newsletter, Joanne discussed the importance of not comparing ourselves to others in the sporting world and life.
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June 25 2020 Swimming Victoria Article
Our Developing Young Leaders Program is always an important fixture on the Swimming Victoria calendar and this year even more so. With many swimmers out of the water and competitions suspended, there has never been a better time for our athletes to focus on their personal and professional development. Read more here:

June 25 2020 Aquatic Mentor Podcast

The Aquatic Mentor podcast brings aquatic professionals together to learn from the experiences of others while developing a united industry through support and education. Learn to Swim Victoria's very own General Manager Eric Du shares his experience in the aquatic and administration industry with host Katrina van Eyk. Listen here:


Thousands of children missing out on vital learn to swim lessons due to lockdown could be in danger come summer, as water basics regress. And we might not see the full effects for another 10 years. See Herald Sun article for more details: https://tinyurl.com/ya2r7vc7


In this strange times, what worked yesterday won't work tomorrow. Which means how you act, how you deliver and how you connect has been turned upside down. Joanne presented online to the worldwide Swim Teaching community the necessary skills needed to reengage staff and people for exceptional performance


A Heidelberg swim centre is forking out thousands of dollars a week to maintain a closed pool, as the cost of coronavirus bites. But it says a government’s refusal for fee relief could spell the end of the popular centre. See Herald Sun article for more details: https://tinyurl.com/yd6b7cd2


Joanne Love spoke at the Swedish Conference on “Examining Goal Setting, Mental Toughness and Athletic Well-Being in Competitive Adolescent Swimmers”


Victoria's school swim program needs its funding doubled so children can learn to swim before they leave primary school, Life Saving Victoria says. See Herald Sun article for more details: https://tinyurl.com/yamwtzb6

August 22, 2017 Joanne appeared on the “THE SPORTS INDUSTRY ACCESS PODCASTS"

Learn from today’s experts in the sports industry with The Sports Career Podcast, an interview series from education2sport.com, founder Ed Bowers. Joanne provides sports career guidance, tips, and advice tailored for university students & graduates who want to pursue a career in the sports. Listen here: https://tinyurl.com/y96lwteh